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AGUSTÍN PAYÁ, This is my official website.

I am a racing driver commited to environment and new technologies. The races are for me the most important mechanism to disseminate the great advantges that electric mobility represent for our society. 


My objective is to contribute to sensitize about the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment, as well as to show that electrical technology in the motor world is a trustable technology.


In the races I enjoy the pleasure of competition with an added value, to be 100% respectful with our environment.


I strongly believe that technological development offered by electric prototypes competition will contribute positive and directly to evolution, improvement and development of the electrical vehicles: present and future of the mobility and the sustainability in the world.  

" As a competition and new technologies passionate I only conceive races from the the efficiency and sustainability point of view "

Photos by: J.Renedo & Nuno Vasconcelos (ARKO)